Nancy D Wilson

"...before the first uttered word, this love arose in man - who then searched for a word to express the hidden object of his love. The beauty of nature, the sympathy with other creatures, the mystery of the heavens, all stir the primitive heart to love. All that love restlessly searches for the Artist who painted all this beauty, who planted this sympathy in our hearts, and who is concealed behind the mystery of the heavens." (History of Mysticism, by S. Abhayananda)

"...What is beautiful about what I am seeing? Is the quality of light special? Is there a repeating shape or angle? Often, the answers to these questions start to emerge after a few moments of contemplation. Artistic vision does not always happen instinctively or easily. It takes an enormous concentration and an act of the will."   (Lessons in Classical Drawing, by Juliette Aristides)