Nancy D Wilson


                               Some of My Favorite Contemporary Artists

David Gluck          

Marc Figueras       

Paco Ferrando       

Zaria Foreman      

Daniel J. Keys        

Sarah Lamb           

Edward Minoff      

Renato Muccillo   

Ran Ortner            

Daniel Sprick        

Kate Stone             

Sadie Valeri           

Other key ingredient:

"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied." [Herophilus]

                               Exhibits & Shows

2018 ArtVancouver

2018 FCA Show- Victoria Chapter Spring Show

2018 FCA Show Works on Paper

2017 Sidney Fine Art Show

2017 Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) -Victoria Chapter Fall Show

2016 Sidney Fine Art Show

2016 ArtVancouver

2015 ArtVancouver

                              Artist Background

Based in Cowichan Valley, B.C., Canada

2017 summer - Portrait workshop with Kate Stone

2016 fall -  Alla Prima workshop with Daniel Keys (San Francisco- Sadie Valeri studio)

2015 spring - Alla Prima workshop with Daniel Keys (Palm Springs)

2014 -2016 - Drawing/painting classes with Kate Stone (French Academic Method) Maple Bay

2013- resumed part-time painting

2006-2012  "maternity leave"

2004-2005  begin study of art in New York: 

          New York Academy of Art - Continuing Education, Beginner's Class, Jan-Apr 2004
          Continuing Education, Portrait Class, July-Aug 2005
          National Academy, School of Fine Arts, New York, Portrait classes June-July 2004
          Art Student's League - July 2005

Favorite materials: Rosemary brushes, Dibond supports, and transitioning to Natural Pigments paint, mostly Gamblin, some Rembrandt